Sólo© is at the heart of ACS® portfolio of healthcare applications and it is a complete solution for enterprise patient care and health information management.

Sólo© has an advanced modern implementation of EMR (Electronic Medical Records), around it all other modules are integrated through loosely coupled components to deliver all needed functionality in different sized HCFs (health care facilities) within a coherent framework. These modules work under the Quality Control umbrella through many of statistical and analytic indicators that help HCF providing distinguished services for patients.

Sólo© is built to be integrated with different systems, applications, and devices using ACS® SOA Healthcare Integration and Analytics Platform© through international standard protocols or custom adapters that helps HCF working in integrated environment.

Sólo© works in complete harmony with ACS® Process Perfect for Healthcare© to provide an unprecedented powerful total healthcare solution. In addition, it is integrated with ACS® Terminology and Vocabulary Server© and ACS® industry standard Knowledge Bases© providing full access to specialized terminologies and complete information.

Sólo© is based upon the latest technology including SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Open Standards, and Rich Internet Applications. It is making use of most up-to-date Microsoft .NET framework, ORACLE relational databases, and NoSQL databases.

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